How to Play a Video Automatically in PowerPoint Print E-mail
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Video is a great way to engage your audience and add interest to your PowerPoint presentation. Learn how to autoplay video in PowerPoint each time your presentation begins.

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How to Play a Video in a PowerPoint Presentation Automatically

PowerPoint Online vs Full PowerPoint 2016 on Your Desktop Print E-mail
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Using the term "PowerPoint" alone no longer describes how you actually use the app. You might be talking about PowerPoint on iPad or Android, the PowerPoint desktop apps for Windows or even PowerPoint in a web browser. This is called Microsoft PowerPoint Online.

Microsoft PowerPoint Online Example
This looks like the standard PowerPoint view, but it's taking place inside of a web browser thanks to PowerPoint Online.

In this tutorial, we're going to learn a bit more about Microsoft PowerPoint Online. We'll cover how you can use it and what the key differences are between it and the desktop apps.

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How to Insert a GIF into PowerPoint in 60 Seconds Print E-mail
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GIF images are a great way to bring some animation without creating a video file. And PowerPoint supports working with these animated images.

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Note: In this tutorial we use the Glasses PowerPoint Template. You can get great PPT presentation templates from

18+ Best eCommerce WordPress Themes for 2018 Print E-mail
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An attractive website is crucial for an online store. The design is the first thing your visitors will notice so it’s important that your website looks inviting and provides potential customers with the best possible user experience.

There are many eCommerce platforms out there. However, thanks to WooCommerce, WordPress is perfectly capable of powering an online store. Aside from ease of use, there are thousands of themes and plugins that allow you to create a truly powerful, one of a kind online store.

If you’ve been thinking about starting an online store or if you already use WooCommerce and want to refresh your store’s design, you’ve come to the right place. In today’s post, we’re featuring the best eCommerce themes for online stores.

Best eCommerce Themes for Online Stores


How to Retrieve Your Deleted (Or Archived) Emails in Gmail Print E-mail
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You know that you received an important email from your boss, but the message is no longer in your Gmail inbox. Maybe in your rush to declutter your inbox you've accidentally deleted or misplaced an email you really need? It could easily happen. 

So, what should you do now? You need to find that missing Gmail message. First, don't panic. You're probably worried that you're going to have to contact your boss and admit that you deleted their email. How embarrassing! 

But with Gmail, you may not have to bother your boss at all. There are several methods that you can use to recover deleted emails in Gmail or other missing messages.

In this tutorial, we'll explore the various ways to recover deleted emails. You'll learn how to retrieve deleted emails from Gmail. We'll look at how to access archived emails. We'll also explore why archiving old emails may be better than deleting

How to Succeed in Behavioral Interviews With the STAR Matrix Print E-mail
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Behavioral-based interviews are designed to help employers understand how you'll react in certain situations. Your future employer wants to see a track record of how you've handled situations in the past.

Questions in behavioral based interviews might start with these common phrases:

  • "Tell me about a time..."
  • "Give me an example of..."
  • "Describe a situation where..." 

These questions might catch you a bit off guard. The worst-case scenario is that you'll be unable to think of a situation that fits the question. But, with a bit of preparation, that can be avoided. 

In this tutorial, I'll share my guide to preparing for behavioral-based interviews. These techniques helped me land my first internships and eventually, a career. I'll even share an interview preparation tool that I use before every interview to help ensure I have answers. You can use it to properly prepare too.

What's a Behavioral-Based

Best MailChimp Templates to Level Up Your Business Email Newsletter 2018 Print E-mail
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People love MailChimp because of its ease-of-use and beautiful designs. The problem is, it’s often cumbersome to try and use your own customized templates if they’re not specifically optimized for MailChimp. Instead, you end up sacrificing either the intuitive interface or the jaw-dropping user experience, neither of which are acceptable.

Fortunately, we’ve once again updated our list of the top MailChimp email newsletter templates that provide simple, drag-and-drop functionality without sacrificing style.  

Most popular Mailchimp templates on Envato Elements
How To Learn PowerPoint Quickly (Complete Beginner's Guide) Print E-mail
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What's the best way to get up to speed with a new app? When you open Microsoft PowerPoint for the first time, you quickly realize that there are many features and tools. But, it can feel overwhelming to know where to start.

In this tutorial, I'll help you get up and running in Microsoft PowerPoint. We'll also cover some PowerPoint best practices to make sure you're doing things the easy way.

Guide to Making Great Presentations (Free eBook Download)

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New Course: Make Great Presentations Quickly With PowerPoint Templates Print E-mail
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If you want to make a better impression with your PowerPoint presentations, you should check out our new course, Make Great Presentations Quickly With PowerPoint Templates.

The X Note PowerPoint template

What You’ll Learn

In this short course, instructor Andrew Childress will show you how to create a professional PowerPoint presentation using

22+ Best Restaurant WordPress Themes: With Premium Responsive Designs Print E-mail
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Nowadays, every business should have a website. As a restaurant or cafe owner, it’s imperative that your food business has a well-branded, beautifully-designed online presence in order to attract more customers.

Savory Premium WordPress Restaurant Theme With Beautiful Design
Do you need a beautiful new restaurant site? One with on-trend designs made for 2017? 

Thanks to WordPress, you can easily create your restaurant website design without having to worry about hiring a developer to ensure your menu is displayed and updated properly. 

With a top WordPress restaurant theme made for 2017, you can:  

  • Showcase your menu in full and feature beautiful photos
How to Insert a PowerPoint Slide Into Word in 60 Seconds Print E-mail
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You can insert a Microsoft PowerPoint Slide into Microsoft Word quickly and easily. It only takes a few simple steps. 

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How to Quickly Insert a PowerPoint Slide Into Word