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Spa and beauty salon websites need to have an attractive and inviting design that paints a perfect image of what their clients can expect when they book an appointment. It’s that attractive design that will help you convert visitors into clients that will be more than happy to come back to your salon for another relaxing session.

The best spa and beauty salon WordPress themes include not only attractive designs but features like “menu cards” for the different options on offer, opening times, information about service providers, and high-quality photos. In short, they offer everything you need to create a successful online presence for your beauty or health based business.

Discover the best beauty WordPress theme for your business
How to Create a Wiki-Style Website With WordPress Quickly Print E-mail
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Whether you’re a growing business or already several years in existence, there is no denying it that you should have a system in place for answering your customers’ most pressing concerns. Documenting your processes and providing easy access to frequently asked questions is a great way to help both your customers and your employees.

If you’re still using files and folders, it’s time to modernize your business and consider adding a wiki to your existing website. A wiki-style website can facilitate new employee training and help them learn the ropes quickly. It can also serve as a customer support center and reduce the number of support questions you receive on a daily basis.

All things considered, when your employees know where to find information about your business and when you can direct customers to an answer to their

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If you're wondering how to put pictures in a Google Slides presentation, you're in luck. Working with images in Google Drive Slides is not difficult once you know what to do. 

Photos and graphics are an important part of any presentation. Images break up the text and add viewer interest. It may be a cliché, but the old saying "a picture is worth a thousand words" is often true. A good picture can be more effective than words.

In this tutorial, you'll learn what types of images you can use with Google Drive Slides. You'll also learn how to add a picture to Google Slides including how to use a picture as a background for Google Slides. You'll also learn some techniques to make your images stand out in your Google Slides presentation. 

Before you jump into this tutorial, browse through our best Google Slides templates, if you

20+ Best Real Estate WordPress Themes for 2017 Websites Print E-mail
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It can be difficult to differentiate yourself in the real estate industry. 

It’s crucial to have a beautiful website with the ability to showcase your properties, share their features, display their location, and offer your visitors an easy way to get in touch with you.

Finding the perfect real estate theme is no easy task, considering the sheer number of themes available. That’s why we’ve curated a premier selection of our best WordPress real estate themes, so you can easily find the features you want along with an attractive site design made for 2017. 

20+ Best WordPress Themes to Make Real Estate Websites

1. Houzez - Modern WordPress Real Estate Theme (2017)

The Best New Presentation Templates of 2017 (PowerPoint & More) Print E-mail
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If you have a new presentation to give soon, then you need to make it count:  

  • Do you have your topic selected and presentation notes ready to go?
  • What about your presentation design? Do your slides feature your ideas best?
  • Does your presentation come across as professional? And on-trend to your audience?

It takes some work to make a presentation design that present your ideas with the graphic clarity and visual impact that will move an audience.

Before you fire up PowerPoint, Keynote, or Google Slides and begin designing, let’s first take a quick look at a more effective solution.

Quickly Make Great Designs: With New Presentation Templates (2017)

You can more easily create a great design using a top new presentation template.

In this post we feature those that are made professionally in 2017 with on-trend designs. They include plenty of visually engaging slides, and are packed with a full-assortment

Now Available on Envato Elements: Unlimited Stock Photos Print E-mail
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Welcome to unlimited stock photos on Envato Elements!

If you're already an Elements subscriber, you'll now see that, along with all the graphics, fonts, web templates, 3D models and everything else you've been used to downloading, you have unlimited access to over 240,000 high-quality stock images. Enjoy!

If you're not an Elements subscriber, here's how it works. For a single monthly subscription of US$29, you get unlimited downloads from a broad and highly curated selection of:

  • graphics (vectors, icons, patterns, textures, illustrations and more)
  • add-ons (think Photoshop and Illustrator actions, Lightroom presets, etc.)
  • fonts
  • graphic templates (logos, infographics, product mockups, etc.)
  • presentation templates (Keynote and
What Are the Right Dimensions for Your PowerPoint Slides? Print E-mail
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Giving a PowerPoint presentation is the end result of much preparation. You've spent time doing research, crafting your message, creating visuals, and now you're ready to present. Using PowerPoint slides can help you reinforce your message and provide a strong backdrop to your presentation.

When you plug your laptop into an external display, you might be surprised by how your presentation appears. It might appear cut off on the edges or boxed in on the screen, like this:

Boxed slide
The black lines at the top and bottom of this slide are wasted space because our presentation and screen size aren't sized in sync.

Before you connect to a big screen monitor or projector to share your hard work, you need to check the size and aspect ratio of your presentation. 

Your PowerPoint slide

SEO Basics 101: How to Quickly Optimize Your Website for Search Engines Print E-mail
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Fail to optimize your website for search engines, and thereby fail to get new leads, customers and traffic to your site. That’s how it goes in today’s modern world of SEO and digital marketing on the web.

Are you ready to master SEO basics
Are you ready to master SEO basics? (graphic source)

SEO stands for search engine optimization—it’s the process of making your website and all its webpages easier for your customers to find on search engine results pages (SERPs). Your business will rank for a keyword—let’s say “dog food”—and successful SEO aims to make your site

How to Link Your Data in Excel Workbooks Together Print E-mail
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As you use and build more Excel workbooks, you'll need to link them up. Maybe you want to write formulas that use data between different sheets in a workbook. You can even write formulas that use data from multiple different workbooks.

If I want to keep my files clean and tidy, I've found it's best to separate large sheets of data from the formulas that summarize them. I often use a single workbook or sheet to summarize things. 

In this tutorial, you'll learn how to link data in Excel. First, we'll learn how to link up data in the same workbook on different sheets. Then, we'll move on to linking up multiple Excel workbooks to import and sync data between files.

How to Quickly Link Data in Excel Workbooks (Watch & Learn)

I'll walk you through two examples linking up your spreadsheets. You'll see how to pull data from another workbook in Excel and keep two workbooks connected. We'll also walk through a basic example to write formulas between sheets in

How to Insert Links in PowerPoint Slides in 60 Seconds Print E-mail
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PowerPoint allows you to add all kinds of content to your slides, including links to help you jump around. Today, we'll learn how to quickly add links in PowerPoint to slides, files, and website hyperlinks. This is an essential skill for making an interactive presentation in PowerPoint.

Note: In this tutorial we use the popular Marketofy PowerPoint Template. You can find more great PPT presentation templates on GraphicRiver or in our Ultimate Guide to the Best Microsoft PowerPoint Templates.

How to Insert Links in PowerPoint Slides

How to Spell-Check Your PowerPoint Slides in 60 Seconds Print E-mail
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There's nothing worse than a spelling mistake in your presentation that distracts your audience. In this video, I'll teach you how to avoid this easy-to-fix issue by using spell-check in PowerPoint—in just 60 seconds. 

Note: In this tutorial we use the popular Simplicity PowerPoint Template. You can find more great PowerPoint templates on GraphicRiver as well.

How to Spell-Check in PowerPoint (Quickly)

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Logo design just got a whole lot easier! Mix and match your favorite logo elements for a new custom design using free templates from Envato Logokit.

What Is a Logo Design Template Kit?

Your brand matters. That's why we've developed a system to make the logo design process faster and more affordable.

A logo design template kit gives you high-quality vector elements to build the perfect logo. And the awesome part is that all our kits are completely free!

Logo Kit Monogram Elements
Elegant Monogram Logo Kit

Envato Logokit

Envato Logokit is the best DIY logo solution for