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Written by SmallFuel Marketing, Inc.   
Wednesday, 01 October 2008 12:44

Marketing Mistakes
Communicating with potential customers is one of the foundations of marketing any company—and it’s something that many people ignore for far too long. Some mistakes in how you discuss business or sell your product will quickly turn away clients. Other mistakes will just leave money on the table.

Think about what you typically say to potential customers. Which words do you choose? Which angle do you take to stir their interest and sell your product?

It’s very important to consider these things, since the words you choose can significantly influence your income.

Here is a list of five things you should never do when talking with your potential customers:

1—Never Knock the Competition

One mistake many people make is knocking the competition in the hopes of boosting positive perception of their own business. It’s a bully’s attitude and one to avoid.

A better idea is to tell people why your product is good – better than the next business’s – without dragging them down in the gutter. By doing so, you show that you have integrity and respect for your competitors and that you believe in the value of what you sell.

2—Never Make People Feel Stupid

“You’re not doing that, are you?” Patronizing people is a common mistake. It makes people doubt themselves and feel embarrassed and silly. They haven’t done anything wrong. They just didn’t choose your products or services, that’s all.

Acknowledge that potential customers have been doing X action or using Y product and make them feel like this decision was fine – because it was. You can then point out how your product or service offers more value or better results.

3—Never Forget Initial Contact

When you’ve been in contact with a potential customer already and have a second opportunity, recall a detail about the initial encounter. Otherwise, you leave the customer feeling like he or she is forgettable – not a good feeling.

Want a trick for those moments when you just can’t remember a thing? Ask, “Did you have that shirt on last time when we met? No? Oh, well I really like the color. It suits you.” The person feels flattered and memorable – and may be more in the mood to listen to you!

4—Never Ask Too Many Questions

Some people try to determine the needs of potential clients by flinging out a hundred questions and hoping one sticks. Avoid asking too many questions; ask the right questions and listen to the answers.

Make sure that the questions you ask have to be answered by more than a yes or no. Pay attention to what the person says to determine needs, hopes and desires. Narrow in to what the person really wants and then provide it.

5—Never Seem Desperate

No matter how badly you want this consumer to become a customer, never appear desperate. Desperation turns people off and doesn’t sway many into becoming a loyal customer. Be confident, be honest, be forthcoming and be ready to let go.

Your goal in marketing is to create a positive and memorable consumer experience, even if the person didn’t become a customer at the moment in question. The more favorably people perceive your business or offerings, the more likely they are to think of you the next time they want to buy.

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