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10 Website Redesign Tips for Better Results in 2017 Print E-mail
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Having a website for your small business is never easy—even if your website is small and simple. Once in a while, you’ll need to update your website’s design to make sure it looks great and helps you grow your business.

In a series of tutorials about redesigning your small business website, we’ve showed you the following:

As you’re planning your

20 Best WordPress Directory Themes to Make Business Websites (2017) Print E-mail
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Directory websites have plenty of potential for high traffic as well as monetization opportunities since many local and online businesses are always looking for ways to promote themselves.

From creating listings of local businesses, tourist attractions, events, and classifieds to creating job boards and coupon sites, WordPress directory themes have everything you need to create a directory website. 

Best-selling Wordpress Directory Themes on ThemeForest
How to Plan an Effective Small Business Growth Strategy Print E-mail
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Running a small business can be an all-consuming task. But just because you have a to-do list that’s longer than War and Peace, it doesn’t mean you can afford to skip the important step of creating a growth strategy.

If you think you don’t have time to create a small business growth strategy, consider this: A few hours of strategic planning now could save you hundreds of hours of wasted time in the months and years to come. 

It could get you focused on the right things, and it could help your business to grow much more quickly and generate more profits, so that you can hire people to help you with that to-do list instead of slowly drowning under it by yourself.

Are you ready to plan your small business growth strategy
How to Quickly Change Themes For Google Slides (Download & Import) Print E-mail
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Have you ever worked hard on a presentation, only to feel that it falls short of your expectations? It may not be your fault. 

Your less-than-memorable presentation could actually be the result of using the wrong presentation theme. Use the right professional theme that has great design layouts and your presentation is likely to be a hit. But with the wrong theme you could find that you left your audience with a bad impression.

If you use Google Slides to create presentations, there are plenty of professional Google Slides themes your can import. Making a great impression has never been easier.

In this tutorial, I'll explain in detail why choosing a high-quality presentation theme is so important. I'll also show you how to find and download professional Google Slides themes using Envato's GraphicRiver marketplace. Finally, I'll

How to Link Your Data in Excel Workbooks Together Print E-mail
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As you use and build more Excel workbooks, you'll need to link them up. Maybe you want to write formulas that use data between different sheets in a workbook. You can even write formulas that use data from multiple different workbooks.

If I want to keep my files clean and tidy, I've found it's best to separate large sheets of data from the formulas that summarize them. I often use a single workbook or sheet to summarize things. 

In this tutorial, you'll learn how to link data in Excel. First, we'll learn how to link up data in the same workbook on different sheets. Then, we'll move on to linking up multiple Excel workbooks to import and sync data between files.

How to Quickly Link Data in Excel Workbooks (Watch & Learn)

I'll walk you through two examples linking up your spreadsheets. You'll see how to pull data from another workbook in Excel and keep two workbooks connected. We'll also walk through a basic example to write formulas between sheets in

How to Get Big Corporate Clients (And Service Them Right) Print E-mail
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Just because your business is small, it doesn’t mean your clients have to be small too.

In fact, landing large corporate clients can give a huge boost to a small business’s revenues. Small companies that were suppliers to large corporations reported average revenue growth of 266.4% between one year before and two years after their first sale to a large corporation, according to a survey by the Center for an Urban Future.

So how do you get those big corporate clients? And once you’ve closed the deal, how do you manage such a huge volume of business? That’s exactly what you’ll learn about in this tutorial.

How to Get Big Corporate Clients
How to Insert Links in PowerPoint Slides in 60 Seconds Print E-mail
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PowerPoint allows you to add all kinds of content to your slides, including links to help you jump around. Today, we'll learn how to quickly add links in PowerPoint to slides, files, and website hyperlinks. This is an essential skill for making an interactive presentation in PowerPoint.

Note: In this tutorial we use the popular Marketofy PowerPoint Template. You can find more great PPT presentation templates on GraphicRiver or in our Ultimate Guide to the Best Microsoft PowerPoint Templates.

How to Insert Links in PowerPoint Slides

How to Write Your Resume Work Experience Section Right Print E-mail
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If the professional summary is the appetizer, your work experience is the main course of your resume.

Recruiters and HR managers read the work history on your resume to check if you have the experience required for the vacant position. They also use this record to compare you with other candidates, and see who is best fitted for their company.

Your work history shows potential employers what kind of employee you’ll be. It shows them whether you’ll be an asset to their team, a job hopper, or simply a wrong fit.

Are you ready to write a great resume work history section
Are you ready to write a great resume work history section? (
How to Spell-Check Your PowerPoint Slides in 60 Seconds Print E-mail
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There's nothing worse than a spelling mistake in your presentation that distracts your audience. In this video, I'll teach you how to avoid this easy-to-fix issue by using spell-check in PowerPoint—in just 60 seconds. 

Note: In this tutorial we use the popular Simplicity PowerPoint Template. You can find more great PowerPoint templates on GraphicRiver as well.

How to Spell-Check in PowerPoint (Quickly)

20+ Best Flat Design, Modern WordPress Themes for 2017 Print E-mail
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Flat design has dominated the web design scene for quite some time now. It’s inspired by Microsoft’s Metro style, Apple’s iOS7 interface, and Google’s Material design, characterized by vibrant colors and a minimalistic approach to user interfaces.

Thanks to the huge popularity of the top three tech giants, flat design found its way onto the web design scene. As such, there are plenty of WordPress themes that make use of the flat design. 

Whether you need a portfolio for yourself, a store for your business, or are building a client's WordPress site, a flat theme style has a modern look that is on-trend for 2017.  

20+ Best Flat WordPress Theme Designs (2017)

In this post, we’re showcasing the best flat style WordPress themes from ThemeForest. this way, you can choose the perfect modern

The Best Free Logo Design Template Kits (New for 2017) Print E-mail
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Logo design just got a whole lot easier! Mix and match your favorite logo elements for a new custom design using free templates from Envato Logokit.

What Is a Logo Design Template Kit?

Your brand matters. That's why we've developed a system to make the logo design process faster and more affordable.

A logo design template kit gives you high-quality vector elements to build the perfect logo. And the awesome part is that all our kits are completely free!

Logo Kit Monogram Elements
Elegant Monogram Logo Kit

Envato Logokit

Envato Logokit is the best DIY logo solution for

15+ BigCommerce Design Tips for Better eCommerce Websites Print E-mail
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When it comes to eCommerce websites, design plays a crucial role, no matter what platform you use. The design of your website is supposed to make your site visually appealing but it also has to lead potential customers through your site and help turn them into actual buyers. 

While there are many e-commerce platforms available, BigCommerce certainly stands out thanks to their attention to detail and dedication to creating an eCommerce platform designed for conversions.

When customers can easily navigate your website, find the products they want, quickly add them to their cart, and see all the important information before getting to the checkout page, you have a much better chance of them converting. 

Is your online store optimized for sales